Postgraduate Education

Located in Canada’s capital, the uOttawa Department of Family Medicine offers an unparalleled and stimulating learning environment.

Ottawa’s two year program revolves around an innovative Triple-C competency based curriculum that is taught in a balance of urban and rural communities. We offer a francophone site, rural and remote, and international experiences. Our teachers and training sites are recognized nationally for excellence. We provide a stimulating learning environment with many opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Director Welcome

Photograph of Dr Eyre “At the postgraduate level, our goal is to prepare competent family doctors to provide comprehensive, compassionate care in any Canadian community, including rural and isolated communities. Our residents will leave prepared to meet society's evolving needs. We are proud of our history. In 2013, our Ottawa Hospital Academic Family Health Team was recognized for excellence with the Family Practice of the Year Award from the Ontario College of Family Physicians. We look forward to welcoming you and working with you.”

Dr Alison Eyre

Our Objectives
The Department of Family Medicine strives to:

  1. Provide training and education in the discipline of Family Medicine through learning contexts and strategies which equip graduates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to provide comprehensive care across the spectrum of care across life cycles, clinical settings, and clinical responsibilities
  2. Accomplish learning through exposure, practice and assessment in all domains of clinical care, together with teachers, mentors, and role models of comprehensive care, and through practice and assessment of all seven CanMEDS-FM Roles (Family Medicine Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Scholar, Professional)
  3. Incorporate the standards of College of Family Physicians of Canada, including the Standards For Accreditation of Residency Programs (2006), the Triple C competency-based curriculum (Report of the Working Group on Postgraduate Curriculum Review, 2011) and CanMEDS-FM (Working Group on Curriculum Review, 2009)
  4. Deliver a curriculum that is competency-based, comprehensive, centered in family medicine, and is focused on continuity of education and care. Competence will be supported by continuous sampling, observation, and reflection on an individual's performance of our stated goals and the objectives and competencies defined in our curriculum through the curriculum framework

To learn more about our program objectives, read our report* to the accreditation team.

*“Report to the Accreditation Survey Team” Nov 17-18 2011 (available here).